I’m going to write in ‘Dutch’. Why? Because I noticed that there are not many dutch blog, about electronics. Most of them are in English. 

But sometimes when you are trying to understand something like schematics, and/or the working principles of electronics, it’s easier to have them in you native language.



FM-Radio TEA5767

Arduino FM receiver with TEA5767. This little chip is very cheap on the Internet. I bought two of them for less then $4 dollar.

However this is a fully funtional little FM-receiver which can be easily controlled with an Arduino or an PIC. The package of the chip is small, mine is 11mm x 11mm. It's not easy to make a nice breadboard version because of the strange solderpads, but with some solder skills you can make something ugly but functionall, just like I did.:

I know, it's terrible looking, but it works great.

Basically what I did, was take a little bit of standard wire, and just solder them to the pads, and make a connection to the pins of the female connector.



Here I made a little video… (Will be posted soon).

I also have a photo of the LCD screen:


it’s all about electronics!

Hello, I’m Martin and only 44 years old.

This page is intended to be a placeholder for some of mine various electronics projects.

The last few years i’m interested in microprocessors like the Atmell chipset (e.g. like arduino). And quite a lot of the projects are using an Arduino.

  • First project publiced:

– ICSP programmer conversion board.

– Philips TEA5767 Radio module.

– Mini Nodo based on an ATtiny85 as remote sensor (see for nodo-domotica http://www.nodo-domotica.nl)

– Solar Thermal Arduino Controller (maybe not OpenSource, I’m not sure yet).

All information on this page is made by me. Some may be inspired by some other people. But the projects you are seeing, are made by me. If I have used some idea’s from other people I will mention them. I’m trying to be as precise as possible.