Invoice layout problems

If you have a problem with invoice layouts.

Like the information about the invoice is printed in your PDF, but the layout is missing. Then there’s properly a problem with the combination of your odoo installation and the WKHMTLTOPDF program.

To solve it, do the following:

  • goto settings.
  • parameters.
    • system parameters:

Then add the following key to your system parameters:

report.url with a value of:


remarks: The odoo server will send the layout information (which is designed in Qweb) to a module called wkhtmltopdf and odoo will normally get feedback from that module, to build the pdf. Because it cannot established a working connection to wkhtmltopdf, it can only create the invoice only with is own information, and it’s  therefore missing the layout information.

The solution is to provide Odoo with the correct URL, we are overriding the default report.url into the system to use it’s own localhost number ( followed by the port number odoo is listening on, in this case :8069).



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